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Dear Friends

You showing interest in blogging by opening this article, you want learn blogging or you already work in blogging.

If you question is how to start blogging free or Start with paid services than read this article.

Many people want to start blog but don’t know from where to start.

I am try to solve this problem from this article.

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Importance of Blogging

  • Express yourself:- Blogging is the second platform that express yourself by write content.
  • Express your skills:– With the blogging you can express your skills.
  • Help for Others:- You can help others with your blogging content.
  • Make money online:- Are you know, you can earn a big amount from blogging.

Step of start Blogging

We are going to start discuss about each and every step of necessary to start a blog. Lets go…

Select your Blogging Interest or Niche

  • In the first you choose your Interest Area.
  • This is the most important thing in blogging.
  • Choose the one in which your knowledge and hobby both.
  • You can start multi niche blog also.
  • According to me, first you should start blogging in one Niche only.

Select your domain name for blog

In the second you choose a good domain name for your blog. I will share with you few things to select a domain name:-

  • Related to your Niche
  • Short Name
  • Avoid double or Triple letter
  • Don’t use Numbers
  • Use keywords
  • Avoid double or Tripple letter
  • Prefer dot com

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Select Good Hosting for your domain

  • After buy domain, you need a space on internet for your text, image and video.
  • This space called hosting.
  • I personally recommend hosting for beginners Hostinger.
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